Who needs to do the test called ‘Karyotyping’?

Sometimes repeated failures of test tube baby treatment ( implantation failures) or repeated miscarriages can be due to an abnormal set of chromosomes or genes in one or both partners. A blood sample is collected and the chromosomes in the cells are cultured and analysed for abnormalities.

In future a Pre- implantation genetic testing can be offered where each embryo is biopsied and only normal embryos are transferred.

The products of conception obtained after an abortion can also be karyotyped to see if there were abnormalities in case of miscarriage after an ART cycle. This guides us about chances of the remaining ( frozen) embryos being normal.

Men with azoospermia and women with premature ovarian failure also benefit from karyotyping which can guide them about prospects of having a normal baby and save them expense and disappointment following ART treatments.