Intrauterine Insemination(IUI)

This technique is recommended when infertility is unexplained, secondary to a male factor, cervical factor, mild tubal factor or caused by endometriosis but tubal patency (opening) is established.

We monitor the female partner’s follicular phase through hormonal testing and ultrasounds, which assists in adjusting medication scheduling the insemination to coincide with ovulation. The insemination procedure involves placing a fraction of motile sperms into the uterine cavity via a catheter, with chances of success maximized by ovulation induction. Progesterone supplement may also be administered during the patient’s luteal phase.

The follicular phase is the first part of the menstrual cycle where ovarian follicular development and egg maturation occurs. The luteal phase is the last part of the cycle after ovulation when the follicle becomes the corpus luteum that produces the hormone progesterone.