Tour the Clinic and Lab

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Take a moment to tour our state-of-the-art IVF laboratory which is Mumbai’s first ISO 9001-2000 facility.

It is located at Bandra, an easily accessible northwestern suburb of Mumbai, India in a quiet residential area within the premises of Rotunda-The Center For Human Reproduction. On the ground floor, Rotunda-The Center For Human Reproduction runs a state-of-the art IVF Laboratory. Here, we do the careful work that combines sperm and egg for an embryo that can be implanted for pregnancy or preserved.

From the moment you step into our premises you realize you are in an extraordinary facility. Adjacent pass through from the procedure room to the IVF tab ensures that eggs that are being retrieved or embryos that are being transferred are not exposed to detrimental fluctuations in environment.

The CODA air purification system for IVF & ART cleans the air in the Lab and incubators from Inside-Out. The outgassing of the materials in the Lab, the incubators and the dishes inside the incubators is the main source of chemical contamination. CODA air purification system is designed to purify not only the incoming air, but also the VOCs & CACs and particulates originated from the inside of the incubator, gas tank and the room itself.

The andrology laboratory is also conveniently located within the IVF Suite. we have a dedicated Intrauterine Insemination Suite with two designer IUI tables from midmark, USA. A serene semen collection room equipped with audio-visual aids complements the attention paid to details.

The embryos are kept in incubators which are monitored in a 24 hours basis to assure appropriate culture conditions. At the Henning Knudsen K-system heated & sterile work station embryos are assessed every day.

Evaluation station (K-Systems Work Station)

If necessary, microsurgical procedures are performed at the micromanipulation workstation The olympus Narishige Micromanipulation System offers ultimate performance and ease of use, with automated pipette set-up.

Whenever possible Embryos are cryopreserved for future use. A state of the art PLANAR TM Cryofreezer provide a patented and reliable method for heat transfer and temperature regulation in the freezing of biological material or long term preservation and viable recovery.

After the procedure, patients will be taken to our two Recovery Suite where our caring staff will tend to your needs.